Aid Maximized for Its Size

Aid in a Sentence

Learn and optimize behaviors to be the change you want to see in the World.

Aid in a Paragraph

Eat plant-based-whole foods. Manage life to regularly include sustainedly vigorous rather than strenuous exertion. Meditate upon breath to practice focus upon this foundational exertion.


Welcome to the Party

The party gathers to converse about what we observe, how to predict the future, and how to drive our lives.

Invitation to the Conversation

There is a conversation in which math is a language used to communicate precisely in a very efficient manner. Access to this conversation requires knowledge of math. The knowledge which makes this conversation accessible is simple.

Measurably Minute Math

The great thing about math is that it is really just a language that lives through us to become the platform upon which we can investigate, communicate, and confirm concepts as arbitrarily diverse as any thing we will likely concieve. A survey of math can model topics as building upon each other as follows.

  1. We name known and unkown quantities.
  2. We order the numbers.
  3. We specify our certainty of known quantities.
  4. We create data structures to describe collections of numbers.
  5. We learn the standard arithmetic operations.
  6. We imagine a new dimension labeled by a newly imagined number for each kind of number to gain closure over the veracity of all relations of all operations.
  7. We relate quantities.
  8. We learn algebraic manipulations of related quantities.
  9. We calculate variations of related quantities with respect to one another.
  10. We name abstract functions that map between ordered sets of quantities.
  11. We characterize multitudes of data with statistics.

Language About Itself

Language is an intelligently organized connection amongst professors, students, and arbitrarily magnificent concepts.

Known Concepts are Language Named Science


Managagement of Wealth as Holistic Health

Holistic mangement of health can contain a recognition that happiness is a choice. A choice of happiness may be implemented as the entire management of health. This choice can be hard to maintain when distractions arise following mismanagement of health.


Diet can be specified as eating events. An event specifies what, how, and when food was consumed. When food is eaten can be specified in a time-basis or frequency-basis.


Exercise is a proof of ability that builds itself.


Water can limit feelings of wellbeing. This is easily enough observed by considering limiting cases. Getting no water permits no feeling of wellbeing.


Sleep deprivation is strongly associated with psychoses which feel familiar from interactions with some denizens of the street.


Cancer seems to be advantageously modeled as an organism's adaptive growth in response to changes in stimuli.

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